Valorisation and industrial development


This work package comprises two different activities for validating the results of the previous work packages and promoting their wider application.

The first type of activity focuses on initiating infrastructure-related (demonstration) projects that involve application of the PV integration concepts resulting from this project in the public domain. Budgets amounting to several million euros are to be made available for demonstration projects in the short term. In the longer term, investment amounting to hundreds of millions of euros per year will be made available for gigawatt scale implementation.

The project partners, members of the advisory committee and both local and national authorities will collectively engage in active networking to promote the use of this technology in infrastructure-related construction projects. Support in the form of explanation of the regulatory and technical requirements will be made available to businesses to help them commercialise the technology. A link will be made with relevant parallel projects (Interreg CHIPS, PV OpMaat, Solar Highways) and the national Zon op Infra consortium (Netherlands).

The second activity involves further developing the technology and concepts for infrastructure-integrated PV generated by the project to offer commercially viable products. This will be achieved by defining specifications, analysing the cost of ownership, defining IIPV production methods and product applications, generating test results and raising public awareness. 

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