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Project management will be performed within the Solliance structure. A number of the partners for this project, i.e. TNO, imec, UHasselt and FZ Jülich, are already permanent partners within Solliance, so the Solliance management team will act as the platform for regular evaluation of progress, risk management and quality assurance. TNO has been assigned project responsibility within this partnership . TNO has therefore appointed the project leader and project assistant. They are responsible for daily project management and contact with the Interreg secretariat. All the partners attend a joint project meeting at least every 6 months. In addition, progress reports are made available to Interreg every 6 months.

Corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can participate in the project in different ways. Some participate as subsidised partners; others contribute to implementation of the work packages by providing materials, functional elements or knowledge without formal project participation. A larger group of companies and SMEs can participate by actively participating in the workshops set up for the purpose of exploring or sharing the technical, legal and economic aspects of solar energy generation in public infrastructure. Higher education and research institutions participate via research assignments for students. The project will be implemented in close collaboration with local authorities in order to maximise the impact it has on current and future demonstration projects associated with PV integration in public infrastructure, particularly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

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