Integrated flexible PV modules


Flexible thin-film PV materials (CIGS), generally produced in roll form, are sourced from both project partners and external suppliers. They are laminated and electrically bonded internally in such a way that they can be integrated at a lower cost in the road surface or street furniture products such as noise barriers, crash barriers and canopies above the road. In respect of internal module interconnection, design adaptations, materials and processes will be investigated to improve the mechanical stability and service life of the electrical connections. Based on the test and modelling data relating to the tolerance to partial and rapidly changing shade conditions (work package T2), test samples will be produced with specific interconnection designs that are intended to improve both types of shade tolerance. Samples of encapsulated and integrated PV modules of different sizes will be supplied for testing in work package T2 for further improvement cycles. Larger demonstrators of functional, integrated PV modules in construction elements will be delivered to work package T3 for electrical integration and performance testing under registered outdoor conditions.

Objectives for work package 2

The aim of the work package is to arrive at design specifications and proven production methods that will enable integration of PV in road elements and elements for street furniture (each with a length of 6 metres or more) for future implementation projects on a larger scale.


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