Electrically functional outdoor demonstrators


This work package focuses on developing and realising the electrical system that connects the integrated module to the local point of use or the electricity grid, including the required inverters and power optimisers. This electrical connection includes the wiring from the module outputs to the power converters, as well as development and optimisation of the power optimisers/converters themselves.

The purpose of this work package is to deliver two fully functional demonstration set-ups, based on integrated PV equipment, as developed in work package 2. These will be connected to a point of use by a specifically optimised electrical system, including the inverter/power optimiser: one for a road surface element with integrated PV (several metres in length) and one for a noise barrier element with integrated PV.

The project scope includes testing these functional demonstrators in an outdoor demonstration set-up.

Objectives for work package 4

The objective is to install three types of innovative noise barriers with integrated PV and compare them based on a demonstration scale of 6 metres in a controlled outdoor environment. More specifically: bifacial crystalline silicon PV, semi-transparent thin-film PV and thin-film CIGS with an attractive surface finish. Two types of road element will also be installed and compared: crystalline silicon PV and thin-film CIGS. The test sites are 'Wijk van Morgen', located between Heerlen and Aachen, and the Thor campus in Genk (EnergyVille). In addition, existing demonstration systems that were developed in earlier and parallel projects will be monitored and evaluated.

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